The Letters- November 8, 1926 from Bob to Jean and November 9 from Jean to Bob

The Letters- November 8, 1926 from Bob to Jean and November 9 from Jean to Bob

Nov 8

"Sweetest Jean: 

                  Truly I am sorry I hurt you- but I was so thrilled at the prospect of being with you on that memorable day in June that it cut deep when you wrote what you did. I knew you felt as I did but it hurt. And I'm sorry I hurt back- forgive me. 

                  I was mightily pleased when I heard you had dated M___. Sometime I'll tell you why. He certainly is a wonderful fellow and you like him means a lot to me. 

                 Its sleeting outside- the worst weather in the world for telephone lines. If it keeps up it will mean days of work outside repairing the damage. 

                 Do you realize what day you're reading this? If you say Armistice Day I'll surely spank you! Don't know yet whether or not I have to work- don't care. Do you remember how it rained five months ago? And do you remember two months ago? You were so beautiful that night, dear. I can remember how I gasped- and how I wanted to take you in my arms right there on the street. I can see you yet- my beautiful, adorable Jean. 

                                                         With Love


Nov 9

"Dearest Bob

               The mail service fooled you- I got to ready your lovely letter to-day! To-morrow IS Armistice Day and it IS something else too, and I haven't forgotten, dear- so now you can't spank me. 

                 I received your Sunday letter Tuesday morning. I was sorry to know that you were lonesome, dear. I don't think you are a sentimental fool, Bob. I think you are very sweet. 

                Gee! No school to-morrow. I feel as if I weighed ten pounds more. Had two hard tests to-day. I came out O.K. in psych! But o! that French- here's hoping!

                Everyone is terribly busy getting ready for Homecoming. I have to help with the sorority float and the Home Ec. 

                I am driving my little Ford for the Home Ec- don't you pity me? Anyway it is going to be decorated in red and yellow chrysanthemums- and I wish, dear, that you were going to be here- going to be one of the homecommers. 

               I am going to the Homecoming dance with Mr M, tell me why you would want me to go with him, Bobby, will you??!! 

               Last night, coming home on the street car, I saw E__ and L____. They are fine. E__ was awfully sorry he missed you when you were here. 

               I just got word that I am expected to work on the float to-night and I didn't want to. 

               You will be reading this on our fifth anniversary , dear. 

                                                                 Your sweetheart,


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