The Letters- October 11, 1926 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- October 11, 1926 from Bob to Jean

(sent on Des Moines Young Men's Christian Association letterhead)


            It was so wonderful to hear your voice this noon! I got so excited after I placed the call- quite like a kid about to speak his first piece. And I got such a thrill when I heard you say "Hello", dear- I wanted to reach out and touch you- to tell you and hear you ask "Do you?"- and answer your question with a kiss- Oh, I love you, Jean- what more is there to say?

            I came to Des Moines this afternoon- wondering what they wanted. It seems the division office is having a party--- (here he switches from blue pen to black)-----my fountain pen went dry- and they tho't it would be a good chance for me to get acquainted. They are paying my expenses- tho't the eleven o' clock bus would keep me up too late so they are paying my hotel bill so I can get a good nights sleep. Imagine! The party is to be a treasure hunt so it should be fun.  

           The folks I stay with brought me to Des Moines yesterday to spend the afternoon and evening. We popped corn and played cards and had a good time. 

            Had a letter from my grand-mother to-day that I got a big kick out of. She offered to send me money and talked of going to the poor house- in the same paragraph. Can you beat it? 

            Sweetheart, I read something real encouraging to-day. One of the operators had a book on Etiquette we were reading the chapter on engagements. And this is the one statement. "It is presumed that the girl's parents have not been blind during the court-ship (nice old-fashioned word) and if they have any serious objections they will have voiced them before this." Score one for Bobby. 

           Jean, the 23rd and 24th won't you say some of the things you have written? I know you wouldn't write them if you didn't mean them- but I do want to hear them. Won't you?

            Two weeks ago tonight, dearest, we were looking thru' the "Memory Book". I haven't dared look at it since- for some of the memories are too too sweet- and make life the more better now. I must live in the past and in the future now- the present is merely a waiting time that must be endured. 

           One girl- the girl- can do dreadful things to a man's life, dear heart- you have to mine. 

                                                    Yours- in love-



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