The Letters- October 19, 1926 Bob to Jean

The Letters- October 19, 1926 Bob to Jean

"Cara Mia:

           Your letter was so sweet. When I came home tonight I had letters from all my nearest and dearest, you, Ed and my folks. And like a kid who saves the frosting, I read yours last. 

           Every night I read your letters and each time they seem lovely and new. Next to talking to you I can't imagine anything nicer. I'm glad you write often- I was half afraid you wouldn't. 

           Did you really think I was going to write your dad? You know him, Jean, and I have no intention of spoiling my little chance by saying anything to him until you think it is all right.

           My dad wrote "I hope you have a very happy week end in Cedar Rapids. I have no doubt but she is a wonderful little lady!"

           More good news!! I was afraid I'd have to leave Cedar Rapids early Sunday evening but find I can take the last Iowa City car at 11:15. That is too early, though, but the least I can do.

           I found something else yesterday- "Happiness does not die. It only fades temporarily and wrings our hearts with its going. And suddenly it blooms again into a richer blossom of Happiness Regained."

          Everything I can find that contains a gleam of hopefulness I cling to. I have dared to hope so much that I need everything I can find to sustain me in that hope. 

           Ed writes that E___ S_____- remember my raving about having to entertain her once to accomodate him- is moving to Colfax with her family. If he told her I was here I'll do something awful. Of all the dumb women- and it had to be Colfax. There is no heaven. 

         We worked in Prairie City today changing batteries in telephones. At one place the cutest little three year old girl led me to the phone and sat down to watch me work. I asked her name and she said "Jean." I must have looked queer for she said, "Don't you think that's a pretty name?" I couldn't explain to her just how beautiful and wonderful that name is to me. 


                               I love you


 P.S. Only 5,705 minutes more


(I found the house Bob was writing his letters from! Can't you picture him in one of the upstairs rooms, writing by the window, dreaming of Jean?)

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Aren’t they wonderful? I really considered a book and still may. There are SO many. I’m up to Dec 7 and still have 24 more to finish December of 1926! There are hundreds from 1927 and more after that! I am so glad to have rescued them.


These letters are so charming. They are so beautifully written. I think letter writing like this is a sadly lost art. These would make a wonderful book. I’m really enjoying reading them. How nice you saved them. It would be tragic for them to have been thrown out. They were a treasure to this couple obviously and just think of all the hours to write them.


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