The Letters- October 2 1926 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- October 2 1926 from Bob to Jean

"Honey Child:

                    This is positively (almost) the last letter I shall write until I hear from you. I suppose you've written before this but I haven't received it as yet. I won't get a letter now before Monday. Gee!!!

                     I have a lovely place to stay but the restaurants in the town- charity forbids me to describe them. I've tried them all and I think I have picked the least worst. Most of my meals are going to come from the grocery store.

                     I'm invited out to dinner tomorrow- a young fellow at the office- recently married. And I shall go to church in the morning. Really.  

                     Will you go to church with me the 24th? And somewhere to dinner? And somewhere for the afternoon? And somewhere in the evening? Study hard Saturday so you can- won't you dear? 

                      I worked in the office this afternoon, making out reports etc not really my work but I wanted to be doing something. 

                     Just think, Jean, three weeks from tonight we'll be dancing- barring fatal accidents. But better than that we'll be together. Are you as anxious for the 23rd as I?

                    (If you could see the position I'm in, you'd understand the scrawl)

                    Zip wanted me to tell you that she hoped you wouldn't forget her just 'cause I've gone. 

                   Tell G____ hello and hows all her folks, and C______ too. And, Jean-- when you see Jean- take her off in a corner by herself and whisper to her that I love her more and more every minute. When you write tell me what she says. 

                   I have a T.L. for you- forgot it in the pain of saying good-bye. And because you've never let me keep one before, I'm going to save this till my next letter. 

                    "I love you."

                     "Do you?"

                    "With all my heart."

                                                            Good night, sweetheart,

                                                                                        Your Bob."


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Thank you Tammara!


These letters are beautiful. I find myself lost in their romance and waiting for more. Thanks for printing!


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