The Letters- October 25, 1926 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- October 25, 1926 from Bob to Jean

"My Jean:

        I lived in the clouds for a day and a half and came back to earth with an awful jolt when the bus dumped me here this morning. Somehow, tho', Cedar Rapids and you don't seem so far away or so impossible now that I have been back once. 

        P___ and J___ met my car and I did get some sleep last night. Still, for some reason I have a headache and am terribly sleepy to-day. 

        Dearest, every minute I spent with you was so sweet, so wonderful. You are so dear- and I love you so! I do hope that I'll be settled soon so I can see you oftener. I'll never feel completely settled until you are here with me always. 

        Jean, I laughed at your idea of going to Boston. I wish you knew, sweet, how it hurts to think of your going so far away. Heaven knows I can see you seldom enough now- but Boston- it seems as if I couldn't bear it. I must dash to work now. 

                                         Always and entirely- 

                                                         Your Bob

P.S. When you read the story of the man who forgot, tell me what you think of it. 




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