The Letters- October 28 & November 1 1926, Bob to Jean

The Letters- October 28 & November 1 1926, Bob to Jean

October 28

"Oh dear:

             I came home tonight truly miserable. I put in the hardest day so far- cutting trees. Can you imagine swinging an ax for eight hours? Aside from being stiff and lame, my hands are all blisters, one arm gashed where I fell in a barbed wire fence, my face bruised and scratched where a falling limb hit it, and both shins now raw from ankle to knee from climbing trees to cut the tops out. 

            But I got your letter and somehow the aches and soreness left and I feel at peace with the world. I had decided to go right to bed and not eat but now I think I'll look for some supper. Here's hoping I can find something good. 

            Jean, the picture was so cute- not good enough tho' to take the place of the one I asked for. Please, dearest, won't you have sone of your Acorn pictures finished so I can have one. This one is going on my watch- I don't care if it will hide the second hand. 

            Jean, you remember I told you I dreamed you were blind. I think of it often- it was truly beautiful if it was tragic. The beauty was in your trust and love for me- there was just you and I- and we were beautifully happy. The tragedy of it brings a lump to my throat even yet. I pray it may never happen that way but that we may have each other, trusting and working and loving- and seeing!!

             Here's hoping Coe can beat Cornell and that the A.O.A. dance is a fitting climax to the day. How I'd love to be there for both. 

             I don't know P____ K_____ but I can't imagine B__ engaged to anyon. I'm afraid you're letting these mis-matches warp your opinion. You know lots of engagements are quite successful. Won't you try it sometime? I think we could really make a success of it, Jean- you and I. 

                                                       Yours completely


November 1, 1926


             The office force thought I'd gone crazy when I learned the Coe-Cornell score. Wasn't it glorious? And to think I missed it. Oh well, we can't have everything. 

            I was on the point of thanking H____ for the Cosmos- he'd promised to send one- but I knew it wasn't his writing. And I puzzled and puzzled over the address- I was so sure it had come from the house. And then I tumbled. Can you beat it? Thanks a lot, dear. I devoured every single word of it. 

            The folks wrote a wonderful letter yesterday. Dad is at home, now- you know he was in Sioux City for quite a while. He is manager for a Community Oil Co. The folks are naturally quite elated. 

            Also I had a long letter from L____D___ mostly inquiring about mutual friends at Coe. She was careful not to mention you- I guess my last letter scared her out. I am still wondering whether or not to write again. I'll let the matter rest for a month or two. 

            This morning we (the people I stay with and I) went to Des M to visit Mrs F___ folks. I had a most interesting day and three wonderful meals. This afternoon we drove out to Ft Des Moines and saw the polo game. Twas quite a thriller. 

           There's to be a carnival dance here tomorrow night. T___ and the F____s each have a girl they want me to take but I'm going to fool them both! I'm going to stay home and answer your letter. I'll get one in the morning won't I? I'll answer it anyway. 

          I've made a discovery!!! Do you know what day of the week June 11, 1927 comes on? I do. 'Spose you'll still be glad to see me by that date? If there is a chance that there will be a welcome for me then I'm going to move heaven and earth, if necessary, in order to get there. Can you guess why?

           Dear, you know I love you- and I think you believe in my sincerity. And I believe there is a chance that you love me. I have asked you to wear my pin- to marry me- and you have always said "maybe". Please, sweetheart, is it only on your folks account that you refuse? Or is it some reason of your own? If it is, won't you tell me, and tell me what it is? It worries me. 

                                                  With all my love, 


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