The Metal Zipper

The Metal Zipper


The blog has a name!


Why "The Metal Zipper"?


Because zippers bring two things together. Because metal zippers were a staple in vintage findings for many decades (and could often be used to identify age of a garment). Because metal zippers have made a comeback in recent years- joining the past with the present.


Because I love both! So this blog will be a place to showcase the details and silhouettes and findings of vintage fashion past and how they are used in recent designs. Lots of pretty images, some history lessons and hopefully discussion in comments! 


Join me!



 The modern metal zipper- front and forward.


The modern metal zipper- as seaming. Salvatore Ferragamo. 


1939 front exposed zipper on gown by Elsa Schiaparelli.


1940s front zip house dresses-  sometimes the metal zippers were even painted to coordinate!


Frances Drake in Schiaparelli wool jersey dress in the 1936 film I'd Give My Life. A Lightening Fastener plastic zipper closes the entire front- not metal, but very much the showpiece on this gorgeous dress. 



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