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Pretty things long ago passed along to beautiful clients!
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1930s open back gown with rhinestones
1930s blue velvet gown
1930s sapphire silk velvet gown
1930s cobalt blue dress with hat
1940s pajamas
1930s chartreuse silk dress
1930s terry cloth dress
1940s green velvet bodice dress with beaded buttons
1930s Fay Wray "Autographed" label dress
1930s rainbow rhinestone studded black gown
1930s sequin trimmed dress
1940s sequined black sheer dress
1930s knot work dress
1930s polka dot blouse
1950s blue silk bodice dress with bow
1930s ribbon trimmed gown
Persimmon 1930s dress with studs and slit sleeves
1930s pom pom trimmed dress
1940s embroidered suit dress
1930s mesh gown in kelly green diamond print with low back
1930s berry print gown
1930s silk floral dress with open back
1930s plaid chiffon dress
1931 Lalique glass cabochon ring
1930s rose print jersey nylon gown
1930s Mestiza gown
1930s seafoam green palazzo pants gown
1930s knit set with bakelite buckle
1930s orange knit 3 pc dress
1930s knit dress
1930s knit dress, hat and gloves
1930s peach crochet dress
1930s knit dress
1930s rainbow knit sweater

1940s felted Porky Pig kids slippers
1930s sweater
1940s sun dress by Paint Set
1950s 2 pc dress with daisies
1960s Italian knit wool Mondrian style 3 pc set
1960s Chester Weinberg 2 pc hostess set
1970s functional telephone handbag
1970s loafer platform shoes
1960s shift dress with matching necklace
1960s paper bikini
1950s chartreuse silk suit
1960s silver leather trench coat
1960s paper lantern cuff French suede gloves
1940s raspberry sequined gown
1960s mermaid black illusion lace evening gown by Lee Jordan
1940s beaded dress
1960s peplum dress
1950s New Look dress
Nettie Rosenstein black silk dress with looped hip panels
1950s Vanity Fair nightgown
Swallow bird embroidered wool 1930s swimsuit
1930s star embroidered bathing suit with silk ribbon straps
Butterfly adorned 1930s swimsuit
Rose Marie Reid 1950s beaded swimsuit
Rose Marie Reid purple silk swimsuit
1950s Catalina swimsuit with Picasso busy bird print
Jantzen 1950s swimsuit
1950s Catalina swimsuit
1950s faux pearl trimmed swimsuit
metallic gold 1930s swimsuit
1930s swimsuit with shorts
1930s wool swimsuit
1960s gold lamé bathing suit
1940s jersey swimsuit
1950s skirted swimsuit
1970s citrus orange swimsuit (new old stock- sold over 20!)
1950s kitty cat bathing cap
1950s beach robe
1950s leaf print swimsuit
1940s Florida beach jacket
1940s asian print summer beach set
1940s polka dot beach set
1940s polka dot halter
1930s white terry cloth gown and caplet
1930s nautical print beach pyjamas
1930s knit dress
1940s metal studded dress
1980s Thierry Mugler suit, now at the museum at FIDM
1940s dress with Elzac pendant
1930s blue silk gown
1930s bird print evening gown 
1930s wedding gown
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