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Some of our gorgeous pieces that have found new homes over the years!
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Greyhound print 1940s rayon blouse
1940s pen scribble print dress
1940s one shoulder sea life print dress
1940s chartreuse and red novelty print dress
1940s chevron striped dress
1940s top hat print dress
Pink & black rayon 1940s dress
1940s gabardine dress
1940s rhinestone Florida theme charm bracelet
Mid Century fish print 1960s blouse
1940s Italian themed novelty print dress
1940s playsuit
1940s novelty print romper with overskirt set
1940s Gone With the Wind inspired hat
1940s sequined waist evening gown
1940s dress with question mark buttons
1940s knit dress and ad
1940s knit dress set
1940s knit dress
1940s hooded evening gown
1940s coat with fur accents
1940s brown and apricot dress
1940s bow back evening gown
1940s chiffon gown
1940s evening gown
1940s Lindy hop dress
1940s ruffled sleeve dress
1930s feather print house dress
1930s yellow and black house dress
1940s floral print house dress
1940s cotton house dress
1940s cotton house dress
1940s cotton house dress
Ballerina print Swirl wrap dress 1950s
1940s floral print dressing gown
1940s magnolia print dressing gown
1930s peach floral gown and jacket
1930s organza dress
1920s flower basket handbag
1920s rose chenille robe with fringe
1920s hand embroidered dress
1930s embroidered dress
1930s tunic dress with patchwork birds
1930s embroidered dress
1930s beach pajamas
1930s ruffled beach pyjamas
1930s beach pyjamas
1950s dress with pink hearts
Two 1950s couture Paquin handbags
Jean Patou 60s jacket
1930s dress with Art Deco trim
1930s surrealist print pyjama set
Early 1900s black and white striped silk 2 pc dress
1930s dragon embroidered pyjamas
1940s painted robe
1940s sequined evening gown
1940s black suede miser's pouch bag with rhinestone slide ring
late teens walking suit
1940s gold trimmed evening gown
1950s Peggy Hunt dress
1960s marabou trimmed cocktail dress by Syndney North
1920s coat
1970s painted silk one shoulder Bill Tice dress
1960s showgirl headpiece
1940s Vargas clamper bracelets with rhinestones, earrings
1940s romper with overskirt
1940s clock print smock
1920s chevron silk dress
1920s copper silk and metallic lace dress
1970s Vegas themed shirt