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Some interesting things happened on the Grammys last night but for me the highlight was the performance by Kacey Musgraves. I am admittedly a non-fan of modern "country", which for some time now has been less about being country music and more about mediocre pop music with a redneck mentality, urban street clothes and the occassional cowboy hat. I'll take Patsy Cline and Hank Williams over what is being churned out and labeled country these days. 

But last night when I looked up at the TV and saw a kitschy neon cactus and a girl in sparkling, light up cowgirl boots reminiscent of something Nudie Cohn would do, I was interested. And her music was just as twangy and old school as the outfit! The lyrics to the song were charming as well. I love this ensemble!!




And with that, I was inspired to look for some Nudie to share today here and even more over on the Facebook page.


Nudie Cohn & Hank Snow in suits by Cohn….



Hank Snow's "Swan Suit" by Nudie Cohn...



Nudie Cohn's "Pheasant Suit"



Nudie Cohn and Gram Parsons



Gram Parson's "Cannabis" jacket, by Nudie Cohn



Nudie Cohn suit for Little Jimmy Dickens



Nudie Cohn



Judy Lynn's custom suit by Nudie...



Elvis Presley in his custom gold satin suit by Nudie Cohn



Ernie Ashworth in a Nudie Cohn suit



Nudie Cohn's wife Bobbie


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