Beauty Give-Away!!

As some of you may already know, my "day-job" is in beauty and I get a LOT of product. Some I buy on a whim, I get some boxes here and there, I get some gratis. I try to test everything I can. That said- I really, truly have WAY too much! 

So I've decided to start doing some give-aways! Obviously these things will be un-used. I've got self-tanners, makeup, skincare, sunscreen, name it! 

Tonight my ask is that you follow me on Instagram. That's it. Click here, or the image above, and follow me. I'll select one new follower to send this bottle of Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in dark along with a brand new application mitt! Bondi Sands is a cult fave, and beloved by the uber-chic Kardashians. It's also REALLY GOOD. I won't go off about how bad the sun and (shudder) tanning beds are for you. But they ARE BAD SO BAD. 

I have another bottle and mitt and I love this stuff- a real tan color, not orange, smells lovely, works within 6 hours. The mitt is crucial for application- gets an even distribution and keeps your hands clean. The bottle sells for $24, mitt $6. You can click the image below to read more. 

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