Go West!

Go West!

As we expand the offerings on the site from Marilyn's Closet, we bring you what is undeniably one of the most American parts of fashion history- western fashion. Influenced by Native Americans, the hallmarks of western fashion feature such embellishments as nature-inspired embroidery, leather trims and fringe, hand painting and beading all married with the sturdy lines of work wear.

But can it be glamorous?

Oh indeed!

(Dale Evans, above)


With this in mind, our lovely collector now parting with some of her collection has amassed quite an impressive bit of vintage western wear! There is so much more to come. These have been meticulously restored and re-vamped in some cases to add extra snaps to prevent gapping (unseen, of course)- shoulder pads and darts at waist to exaggerate the feminine figure- all done by a very high end professional tailor.


Some highlights!




And one from our archives, sold several years ago....


Shop the collection here- it will be growing soon!


XOXOXOX- Angela and Marilyn's Room

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