Halloween, NyQuil Style- A Blog Revisited, Nov 2 2006

....................Trick or treating on Beggar's Night here left us with little to do the night of Halloween proper. It was a Tuesday night, we'd done the school party, the house to house gig, the little one had a few events AT school. We have loads of candy. Done deal. By Halloween night I was good & sick anyway.....having walked face first into hurricane force 45 degree winds for an hour & a half with a nasty head cold brewing left me in pretty rough shape anyway.

I am not a fan of cold meds....daytime is like legal meth, nighttime knocks me on my arse which is NOT good with a toddler about. So I stuck it out all day with a few ibuprofen. But settling in to sleep, things were NOT going well and the NyQuil called to me.

It takes a bit to kick in, so I got up and turned on the TV while I waited for that lovely, sleepy release from sinus pain hell. Stumbled across an old (and yes, they're ALL old, but this was VERY old) Halloween episode of ROSEANNE. The meds started to kick in and I sat & mused about how funny this show was back in the day.......how simple MY life was, back in that day........how bad John Goodman's HAIR was back in the day......and just what Disney film have I seen recently that he did a voice in? Wasn't it something with David Spade? And didn't Sara Gilbert end up on ER, is she still on it? How CUTE was David, her edgy little boyfriend....he LIVED with them at some point, didn't he? Why is it so damn HOT in here?.................

I believe I watched 3 episodes. All Halloween. Remember the one where Roseanne is dressed like a man, and she & Jackie get stranded at a bar (the Lobo) and she pretends to BE a man, hanging with the guys playing pool, learning about what guys talk about when women aren't around.......ah, funny funny stuff. Especially high on NyQuil. And high or no, this website devoted to ROSEANNE 
is fascinating as well.......enjoy! Ang

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