Hey, Sweater Girl!

Hey, Sweater Girl!

For those of you who haven't heard yet- Dorothea's is currently collaborating with a marvelous designer who has collected some incredible vintage over the last 30+ years- and it will all be offered here, to you!


We've chosen to start with some seasonally appropriate (at least for me, the photographer in the middle of snowy Iowa!) vintage cashmere sweaters. The epitome of versatile pin-up girl glamour! Any of these sweaters make a “Marilyn” statement and can be pared with a simple pair of pencil pants or skirt, and you can go to work in the morning and look like the best dressed woman at work and then run off to an early dinner and have a formal elegant “black tie” look.


Once a fashionista, always a fashionista.

You can look like a Million Dollar Marilyn!


Bullet bra optional, of course.


More to come very soon!



-XOXOXO, Angela and Marilyn's Room!




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