The Letters- April 10, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 10, 1927 from Bob to Jean

(side note- I am not sure why there are so many from Bob and none saved from Jean- I have to suspect that Bob was not as good about saving her letters as she was his)


              This weekend has not been as bad as I feared it would be. Yesterday I read Edna Ferber's "So Big" and consumed a box of the most delicious fudge. Last night I played bridge with the Coopers. I wish you could have seen my cards. I had wonderful luck. 

            Today I had dinner with the Coopers and went riding with them this afternoon. The country around Dubuque is beautiful- even at this time of year.

            The candy was most delicious, honey. Thank you just heaps. I'll take back every slighting remark I ever made about your culinary ability. I know you'll make a wonderful cook- a darling one, too.

           Things have been going rather badly at the office. Our service rating is poor- and stubbornly remains poor in spite of our best efforts. A nice thing to happen the first month I'm here. The crowned heads will probably have plenty to say about it. 

            This has been a beautiful day in spite of the wind. I hope next Sunday is no worse. 

           I can't quite make up my mind whether to go to a show or to church this evening. I heard an excellent sermon and a mass off the radio this morning so have had my religion for the day. Hence- 

         Hope you are enjoying your vacation. I think last spring vacation was more enjoyable to me than any school holiday had ever been. Phil and I spent it together, doing just what we pleased, and had a glorious time. I think my real friendship with Phil dates from that time. 

         Wish I could have heard Cele and Hersch's  gospel service. I'll bet it was inspiring. And I'll bet they got a big kick out of it. 

         Shall I bring five pounds with me this weekend? I'd like to awfully well. It's a shame the way you deprive your sisters of their just due.

          I wish you could have been with us today. I know you would have enjoyed it. I know I would have found much more- for all day been wishing you could have been here too. Were Dubuque as friendly as C.R. I could never find the same contentment here, dear. You are necessary to perfect happiness now. 

          Because I love you- so much, darling, that life without you is 'stale, flat and unprofitable'. But someday all will be changed and together we'll find the perfect joy of living. You have promised.

                                I love you, dearest


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