The Letters- April 11, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 11, 1927 from Bob to Jean

"Sweetheart Jean:

           You sounded so dear and "Jeany" this afternoon. I wish we could have had even that little conversation face to face- begun and ended with a kiss. But it's only a few days now- if we don't forget. I'm sure I'll remember, thought, for I paid my board till Friday night and if I show up Saturday noon for lunch she'll remind me and I'll still have time to catch my train. 

            But I had no intention of going to Davenport altho' the kids wanted me to, and they did not expect me. So its only natural I forgot about it.

           Did I tell you we went through a river steamer in process of construction yesterday? It was huge- much larger than I imagined river boats would be. And there were the cutest little state rooms with baths- imagine it on a freighter. For the ocifers I guess. I'd love to spend a summer working on the river. Did you ever read Mark Twain's "Life On the Mississippi".

          I saw "Sorrows of Satan" several weeks ago- when I first came here. Outside of Carol Dempster I thought it quite dumb. Last night I saw "God Save me Twenty Cents. A quite unusual picture and unusually good. You would like it. 

         Mr. Bowlsby failed to appear. That is encouraging. He said Saturday he was coming out if the service wasn't better. It did come up over the weekend but I was afraid it was so little that he'd come anyway.

          The toll demonstration board is here and two girls are working hard learning the demonstration talk. I'll probably spend most of tomorrow coaching them. But that should be easy.

          I sure pulled a boney. I was working on a toll study with one of the clerks and excused myself for a moment to go down and talk to the matron. One of the girls had brought in some records from "The Student Prince" so I played them all through- forgot Miss Elliot completely. 

          Mother said there were some cookies in my laundry bag- I haven't opened it yet. Want one?

         Only a few days more, sweetheart. I hope they fly- because

                                   I love you


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