The Letters- April 14, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 14, 1927 from Bob to Jean

"Sweetheart mine:

          I read your dear letter seventeen times before I was sure I got it right. To think you're- we're really going to tell our secret. And truly I see no reason why Esther C's engagement should affect ours. Surely our announcement will not be indiscreet for the same reason. And I promise, dear, that we'll never quarrel. Even if you should try- I'll simply put you to bed without any supper- have that. Oh, I know we're going to be happy- always. And that we're always going to enjoy and appreciate and love each other. I just know it, dear. 

           Is there to be a tea Sunday? If not I think the unexpected ante will keep till sorority meeting- you still have them occasionally- don't you. 

           I worked till a quarter of five- and slept till ten o' clock. Had a beastly headache this afternoon so I left the office early. 

           There'll be a surprised bunch at the A.D.A house Sunday. No matter how much they look for those things they are always surprised. We'll get a kick out of it, honey, and the kick for me will be quite literal- as far as A.D.A is concerned. I'm so glad, sweetheart, that it isn't going to be a secret any more. I've had an unworthy fear that you didn't want to tell because you were not quite sure. Forgive me- can you?

        We are going to be happy, dearest, oh so happy. Don't you just know that we are. Somehow I feel so much more sure of everything now, dear. And I'm so proud and happy I've just been bursting with a desire to tell anyone. What's the use of being a fool for luck if people don't know how lucky I am. 

          As for your "dreadful disposition" - if I can, by the most rigorous restraint, keep as even tempered and as sweet as you are by nature. I'll be happy. 

         Just think, sweetheart, one more letter is all you'll get before Easter. But maybe, if you're good I'll write some more after I come back. 

        Sweetheart, I love you, and I'm so happy- so very, very happy. The gloom today hasn't bothered, I've furnished my own sun-shine from your letter in my pocket. 

         The sometime we used to talk of has come- and in its place is a much more wonderful one. Sometime you'll marry me. 

                                           With my whole heart



Y'all I just squeed.   


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