The Letters- April 19, 1927- They've Announced the Engagement!

The Letters- April 19, 1927- They've Announced the Engagement!

"Dearest Jean:

               Oh, I'm dead- positively and absolutely dead. My feet and eyelids are lead- gosh- but it was worth it. 

              Of course I had to go to sleep on the train. And there had been a wreck on the old mill worker and all passengers for Dubuque got off at Green Island as our train was too late to make the connection at Savannah. But the conductor skipped me and when I woke up I was on my way to Savannah. Well, the Dubuque train was pulling out as we pilled in and I chased it madly across the yard- and caught it. 

           And Mr. Bowlsby's train has been late and he was terribly sleepy- and every time he mentioned it I had to change the subject for fear Miss K would say something about my being sleepy. 

           But the blow that killed father was of another sort. He asked me if I had had a good time at the big party at C.R.- your formal. I said I sure had. And he asked "And how is Miss Boone?" I gasped like I'd been kicked and managed to ask him how he knew your name. He said "Oh, her father was asking me all about you." That was worse and more of it. I didn't know he knew your dad and said so, "Oh, yes, T.P. Boone- Tom, isn;t itWith the western Kentucky Coal Co" Now can you beat all that? Your dad never mentioned knowing Mr. Bowlsby- even inquired who my boss was when I went to Waterloo. There's a joke in it somewhere- but what it is, or who the joke is on is beyond me. I felt positively dumb. 

          I wrote to Herschel, dear, just a short note, and put the question  up to him plainly from Cele's viewpoint as well as ours. I do hope he will arrange everything. I am sure it would be all right with Lester and if Herschel is too thin skinned to put it up to him- well, I reserve the right to my own opinion of him. 

          Were you tired, today?? Who all saw and what did they say?

           It was all so perfect- our Easter. Truly it was a gorgeous day and I had a gorgeous time. You were never dearer, or more adorable- nor loved or adored more. It is too bad we can't have more time with each other but we'll just have to make the most of what we have- won't we. 

            Darling, I do hope everything comes out as we wish flunk day. It's up to Herschel and I hope he won't flunk out.

             He may say something to Cele so you'd better have her primed. She can tell him if he brings it up, can't she?? 

            I dread the idea of the tortuous trip downtown with this but Jeannie must have her now it's written. 

                                     I love you, truly


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