The Letters- April 24, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 24, 1927 from Bob to Jean


            This has been the jolliest week end. The Coopers are away and I haven't seen a soul to talk to, outside of the boarding house, since I left the office Saturday noon. 

             I read last night and this morning and took a long walk this afternoon. Went through the rich end of town- magnificent homes, Lincolns and Packards and Pierce Arrows parked before the doors- it's tough to be poor. 

            You are asking if it is forever, Jeannie. Just think of the broken engagements this year- in how many cases do you suppose the fellow wanted his pin back. Billy didn't want his- he deserved what he got but Harriet did the breaking. Smithy didn't want his- but he got it. Ruth Felter gave Red's back- I don't know- but I'll bet he didn't want it as much as he wanted her. It's usually the girl who changes, dearest. And I promise you, if our love is not forever, it will be because you changed your mind. But oh, darling, if you do- well, you haven't yet. 

            I imagine our case is lost if Cele won't help. If Herschel brings himself to say anything to Woodward it will be because he thinks Cele wants it so. Why in the world couldn't she has boosted a bit. And I'm truly disappointed in Herschel- and surprised. I can't imagine why he should be so afraid to put in a word for us. Perhaps it is because he prefers to share the Woodward car alone. Woodward and Jimmy were always so close that it has gone to Herschel's head to be taken up. Herschel is not above human weakness. 

              If he doesn't call you soon you'd better accept Caul's invitation.  I hate to give up hope but I know something of his stubbornness. 

              We are supposed to go to the prom. With them. Do you want to- after this?

             Jean, sweetheart, the answer to your question lies with yourself. With me it is for always and always. I have told you I love you- and live is for more than a day. 

             Just a few more days till we're together again. After that it will be quite a while- without flunk day.

                            Truly, dear, I love you. 


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