The Letters- April 26 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 26 1927 from Bob to Jean


             Talk about blue- I've lost all the enthusiasm I ever had. Life is, indeed, just one darned thing after another. No, nothing new has happened- what more could happen- there's nothing left for anything to happen to.

             Your question about May 6 found an answer before it was asked. I'm sorry- but what can we do. But I hope to be in C.R. the weekend of the 15th. Twill be impossible to make the interfraternity dance- why do they all come on Friday night- but we'll have a weekend anyway- I hope. 

             Herschel wrote- was sorry our plan didn't carry. But he said he had two groups of friends to please and hated to offend either. I got a kick out of some of his reports about our engagement. Lee said "if it's serious, I'm satisfied". I quite like Lee. Herschel said he was counting very much on our all going to the Prom together. Would you rather we didn't? It's up to you dear- we'll have little enough time to ourselves at it is, since my staying over is out of the question. So lets go by ourselves- shall we??

              Even if Mr. Bowlsby hadn't said a word I couldn't stay over Saturday, The new directory will be out Saturday - and you can't imagine all the work that entails. All our information records to change- new intercepting records- new board markings. It will mean all day Saturday and probably all night.

             But we'll make up for all these disappointments, dearest, after the new C.O. is on the job. Because I'll at least have my weekends- and there won't be all these tempting Friday night affairs.

              I'm anxious to get your tomorrows letter. I hope you weren't too terribly disappointed, dear. Somehow it seems as though the bottom had dropped out of everything. The sun shone all day today but that couldn't make it bright for me. If only I weren't so absolutely dependent on this job- but after last summer I can't run the risk of being jobless- you've no idea what a harrowing experience it is. And our greatest happiness, after all, Jean, depends on my being able to hold a good position. So please don't think dear- that I am not disappointed or hurt- for I am. But my hands are tied. 

               So please, please, darling, let's make the best of a rotten bargain- and look forward to the time when we can have each other every minute. 

                                                         I love you, sweetheart.



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