The Letters- April 7, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 7, 1927 from Bob to Jean


             Your letter was the best for a long time. You must be feeling better- you sound more like yourself. 

             I get such a kick out of the boarding house. The food is- well, we won't dwell on the food- no one does- but the people are so interesting. The whole cast of "39 East" are there with the exception of the count, the pretty girl, and one of the twins- the other is there to the life, and there are some interesting additions. Oh, I do get a kick out of it and manage to get enough to eat. My arms are long and with the aid of a fork and a loud voice I fare pretty well. Its that kind of boarding house. We get clean napkins on Sunday and clean plates at least twice a week.

         However you cook, dear, I'll never complain- not after the good I've eaten in the past two years. A combination of Phil's cheap restaurant and this, Phil was a good brother, but when it comes to hash made with weiners- of which dish he was fond- or beans and boiled potatoes- on a menu by themselves- oh well, he was a dandy kid.

        Dear, you didn't say whether or not you were going to wear both pins- outside. You will- this next time- won't you? Wouldn't you like five pounds for your Easter Alpha Xi tea? Please, darling, won't you?

         Worked till eleven last night. I would have stayed all night only I wanted to get down early this morning. This week has been busy.

          I've got a good joke. One of the girls was overheard expressing the desire to see what my wife looked like. I might keep your picture on my desk. What would you say to that. All right, I won't.

          But please, dear, think seriously of my request- won't you.

                                                 I love you


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