The Letters- Aug 30- Sept 2, 1926

The Letters- Aug 30- Sept 2, 1926

From Jean to Bob, mailed August 30, 1926

"Dear Bob

          I received your letter Saturday afternoon. I was uptown, in an old stuffy office, waiting for Mother and my Aunt. I only waited two and a half hours and truly if Mother hadn't handed me your letter I am afraid I would have lost my temper. 

         I think it's just grand that the Fraternity has gone social. It will mean a great deal in rushing this Fall- don't you think? 

         I think it was very sweet of you to sit out "Valencia". I heard "The Blue Room", jazzed and I hardly recognized it. 

        I hardly know just when we will return to C.R. but I imagine it will be Sunday. We are driving to Gilman, Illinois to-morrow the 3rd. I don't know my Chicago address so send my letter to _________________. 

         Wouldn't it be heavenly if you could have a good position by the time I got home- here's wishing you the best of luck, Bob. 



Response from Bob to Jean, mailed September 2 1926

"Dear Jean:

           Home again!! I am sitting on the most wonderful new velour davenport in the parlor of the AOA house. Are we proud of it? We are. 

           The fellows are beginning to turn up to get the house in order for rushing. We're hoping to have another big year!

          B____ wanted me to tell you that he booster Alpha Xi to C______. 

          I had a very quiet time at home. All I did was eat and sleep. I gained seven pounds. Now don't worry- I'll have lost it again by Sunday. 

          A letter from L________D was waiting for me when I got gere. I can hardly wait to tell what she said of you. Twas good. Now you have something to think about. 

          E___ is home and has been with LV daily since. 

          It seems that you could have gone to Europe in the time you have been gone. I'll wear out 6200 Sunday. 

                                                      As always, 



Thinking that this might be the "jazzed" version of The Blue Room that Jean heard? Click in to hear!

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I think I’ve figured this out but I have questions!!!! Why are you not listing names? I understand privacy but surely all concerned are gone now, no? Anyway, I’m thoroughly enjoying this.


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