The Letters- December 15 & 16 1926 From Jean to Bob and Bob to Jean

The Letters- December 15 & 16 1926 From Jean to Bob and Bob to Jean


"Dearest Bob:

              You are a darling- your letter came yesterday. I am truly sorry, dear, that you had to walk, and that you were late to work. 

               I trust that they have been kind enough, this week to let you stay inside. I have nearly frozen. 

             Mother and I went to see "The Big Parade" this afternoon. I enjoyed it very much- it impressed me more than the other war pictures I have seen. 

            H___ is back but I have not seen him to speak to him- as yet. 

           To-day is C's birthday- we are both starting our twenties but refuse to keep count after next year. 

           Nothing very exciting, not even a scandal, has taken place since you left. What is the latest in Colfax?

          Oh! I got a package to-day that didn't say "Do Not Open", so I went to it- but since you like to keep things until Christmas I'll not tell you what was in it- but  will wait until you come. 

         I'll have to tell you about the boner I pulled to-day- and with the honarable Miss G!!!

         I have some Christmas Cards to deliver, have to go to Cs, and downtown with this so I must hurry- also I have to study. 

                                         Bye-bye, dear Bobby- 

                                                          Your Sweetheart,









"My Jean:

              This is going to be a serious letter- I am in a serious mood. I hope it finds you in one- if not, re-read it in the midst of one. 

               Dear, I've done a lot of thinking since Sunday night. My heart aches a little less as the result and I've arrived at some definite conclusions. I hope they, in some measure, are what you want. 

               Laying aside my own selfish desire in the matter- I feel you were right in refusing me as you did. I want you to be as sure as I am. I have been sure for so long that I get impatient and unreasonable. But the whole matter is one for you to decide. 

               I love you, Jean, more than ever and I shall to continue to love you long after there is no hope. And if the time comes when you, too, love, I shall still be waiting and loving. 

               The question of our engagament brings us unhappiness, now, when we discuss it. I shall not mention it again until June eleventh. Will you discuss it with me freely and honestly, then? I am not giving up hope, dearest, merely trying to avoid unhappiness. It is my one ambition and I am willing to wait and work. Remember, too, your promise to tell me if you cease to care. 

              I sincerely hope you will see all this as I mean it. I love you, heart and soul, Jean. Remember that always. 

             Your dear letter came Tuesday. Your daddy nearly ran over me at the corner but he didn't even see me. 

             Outside today. It was bitterly cold but somehow I managed not to freeze. Here's hoping there won't be much more. 

             I paid the last of one of my notes today. It really seems as if I were getting ahead when I get them back to tear up. Only one more, thank heaven! 

            I don't know yet how or when I'm going home. I really must look up my trains. The excitement of the past week-end and the prospect of New Years has quite put it out of my mind. 

            Please, dear, I hope you will understand just what I have tried to say. If you don't, forget all of it and remember only this- that I love you with all my heart.

                                                           Yours always


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