The Letters- December 21 & 23, 1926 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- December 21 & 23, 1926 from Bob to Jean



             Aren't letters of sympathy the hardest things in the world to write? I exhausted my resources in writing HB- but managed to get one off to the E's. Misfortune to one's friends takes much of the brightness out of Christmas. 

            Your letter was a relief. I worry so when I don't get one- especially when I have written something that might be understood. I am glad you do understand, dear. It helps so much. 

           I plan to slip away Friday morning- although I'm not supposed to go until afternoon. But it means the difference between getting home Friday night and ten o'clock Christmas morning. 

           Yesterday I didn't stir out of the house all day except to go to meals. L's went to Des Moines so I read and played and sang and listened to the radio till bedtime. Somehow it wasn't as enjoyable as the Sunday before. 

             A letter from E__ came today (surprise of surprises). He repeated a remark he often used to make- "I wish Jean knew you as I do- she'd have to love you". E___ was another who expected my pin to stay in Cedar Rapids. 

             Today we strung in new wire on a line east of Grinnell. We ate in an exclusive Tea Room. Imagine us in our working clothes. You should have seen the waiters watch us. I guess they expected us to cut our mouths with our knives. 

             But we employed our very best manners and most polite conversation and paid our bill before leaving. It was great fun. 

            The roads were terrible. I'm on cake of mud from my waist down. I had to push the Ford and finally wallow around in the mud putting on chains. Such is the life of the sons of Mother Bell- the workers in the Spirit of Service. 

                                                   Good-night, sweetheart

                                                                        Your Bob.

P.X. Excuse the extra folds in this stationery. These envelopes are a different shape & I can't remember. B



            How fares the working girl? I hope you are enjoying the work- you should!!!

            I'm leaving here early Friday morning. When I'll get home is a matter of conjecture. Our dear Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul does not have a very stable record. I'm afraid my visit will be terribly brief, as I must leave sometime Sunday. 

           Sweetheart, I hope your Christmas may be truly wonderful. I will be thinking of you on Christmas Day- wishing the best in the world for you and yours. Christmas should be the merriest, happiest time of the whole year. I trust and hope it will be so for you. May nothing mar the pleasure of your day. 

            How did Christmas Vespers turn out? You were quite fearful but didn't say anything of the outcome. 

           As the wise men brought their gifts to lay at the manger of the Christ- so may this letter bring my love and adoration to you on his birthday. 

                                                 Merry Christmas, Jean

                                                             Your lover- Bob"



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