The Letters- December 6, 1926 from Bob to Jean and December 7 from Jean to Bob

The Letters- December 6, 1926 from Bob to Jean and December 7 from Jean to Bob

Dec 6

"My Sweetheart:

        "God's in his heaven, all's right with the world"

         The weather cleared up- there isn't enough sleet to cause any damage. 

         Mr. D said- God bless him- to go ahead, even before I gave my reasons for going. Of course I gave my business reasons- but he is nobody's fool. 

         I'm so darned happy I could shout. I can come the tenth- we'll have your birthday- our anniversary- and Sunday. It's a good world after all. 

         Did you have a good time yesterday- at Killian's- and at the dance? I thought of you all day and when time came for the eighth dance- I imagined you having a wonderful conversation with our wonderful dean- may she have bad dreams. 

         I dreamed three times last night that we were at the interfraternity dance together- surely dreams come true.

         My dear, I did get a kick out of your "isn't that horrid" when you mentioned working at Killian's. The last time I was in C.R. you were talking about a woman's need for a means of support and painting glorious pictures of working in Boston stores. They weren't horrid then. 

       We've been cutting down trees. So far we've cut eighteen- some of them nearly three feet through. Maybe you think that's a snap. It's a great life if you don't weaken. I had the hiccups all day yesterday and weakened considerably. 

         There are so many things I want to talk to you about- so many things I want to tell you- and so many things I want to hear, that I can hardly wait till Friday. I'll tell you one thing now, sweetheart. I love you- I will love you always.




         I've been alone all day- but not lonely- for my heart has been singing. Why? Don't you know? Couldn't you guess? Because next Sunday I'll be with the dearest girl in the whole world- with Jean. Will you be as glad as I? I hope so. Good night, sweet-heart- and plan and dream as I shall for the magic days that are coming. 

                                         Your lover"

Dec 7 

"Dearest Bob:

          I was delighted when I heard your voice, it was such a lovely surprise, dear, and so sweet of you. 

         I received your letter to-day- I am so glad you can come- I do hope nothing will happen- I would be so disappointed.

        Everything was covered with ice this morning and now with sow- truly beautiful. 

         Nothing especially exciting has happened to-day- not even at sorority meeting. 

        I wonder, dear, what you had to drink that gave you the hiccups???

       W__ had your letter to-day for H____- he is taking care of H___'s business while he is away- so I guess he will arrange things for you. No one has heard from H___ as of yet. I do hope his brother will get all right and that he can come back for the dance. He and C___ haven't had a date for almost a week- isn't that terrible? We haven't had one for six weeks- isn't THAT terrible???

        Dear, I am so glad you can go home for Christmas. It will seems more like Christmas to you and your folks- and it has been a long time since you last saw them. 

        Dear Bobby, I'll be so glad to hear all the things you have to tell me and to talk about- I wonder- and am excited.

        I have something I want your opinion on. 

        I am so glad you get here at 4:30- we'll have the whole evening- can't you come out to dinner that night I and (we) would love to have you?

        It is almost eight and I must begin my lessons. 

         You asked me if I would be glad when Friday comes- I WILL. 





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