The Letters- February 10 & 11, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- February 10 & 11, 1927 from Bob to Jean

Feb 10


             I was so glad to get your letters- and to learn that can come up for the dance. Glad that you cared enough to want to come. To use your phrase "Isn't that just grand?"

            The Alpha Xi's are certainly good to invite Cele to the formal. I think she feels sort of left out sometimes. And I know the feeling. Whether she goes or not I'm glad you asked her.

            I hope she does go. It will be such a joke on Herschel- if she takes him. You know last year he was going with Fern D and she pledged Alpha Theta just before their formal. The kids never did get over kidding him about his luck. 

            I have the best joke to tell you- it's truly good. I got the biggest kick out of it- so did some of the fellows. You'll enjoy it- immensely. It's really worth keeping till I see you- Oh, yes, it's on me- I guess- even better than Herschel's being a married man. And it came from a Coe prof which makes it even more interesting. Now guess!!!!

            Bill has not yet come back after his radio- he left it with me- so I am using it. Something tells me I am running his batteries down for him- but whats the odds. 

          I have a slam for you. I've always passed out the T.L.s and you've always wanted them- so I'll let you have this. Vincent, the 12 year old son of the house, saw your picture. He studied it for quite a while and then asked "Is that your sister?" I told him it was and he said "I thought so." Poor Jeannie!!!

          I finally received a letter from home. Dad said they had written several. I think he leaves the street address off- with a vague idea that everyone in town knows me. He did it once or twice in Des M. I'll call at general delivery tomorrow.

                                                            Good night, dear.

                                                                                I love you


Feb 11


            Today is our anniversary! I had not forgotten it. And we have not had many together, have we?? Perhaps we can have more than three out of the next eight. I hope so. Anyway we will have the eleventh of June- I hope it doesn't rain!

            I've been trying to talk the folks into driving to Manchester this summer on dad's vacation. I'm hoping to take mine at the same time- and Manchester looks like a convenient point. If they don't go there I fear I will not see them for Rock Valley is entirely too far removed from Cedar Rapids. And if the choice has to be between R.O. and C.R. I'm thinking R.V. won't see much of me. So strange is my love for the scenes of my college days. Rah! 

           William is returning this P.M. He wired me to meet him in Tama. I wired him (collect) impossible. He wired me to meet him here- he arrives at 1:30 AM. What's the idea- he knows the way to the hotel. And I'm absolutely dead. I would have gone to Tama if by doing so I could have helped him any. But his train would get him to Tama at midnight and he would have arrived here not a second sooner. So why should I lose my sleep. He probably thought it would be a pleasure for me to meet him. It would- but so is sleep. 

          Perhaps you think I am not accomodating. I am not where he is concerned. If I could tell you the real reason for my dislike of him you would not blame me. Believe me it is sufficient.

           Met Mr. Stoddard today. The last time I saw him was in Des M. He introduced me to the manager here- and said. "see that this fellow gets real attention, he's one of the best boosters we have." So now when I go in the local manager rushes up and takes my coat- and inquires as to the state of my health. 

          Len & Ed are to broadcast tonight. I am going to try to get them. I'm afraid Bill's batteries are not as strong as they once were. Yes, he offered me the use of his car- which I declined. I do not want to be too much in his debt and I'd hate awfully to have anything happen to that car while I had it. He worships it. And it costs a nickel to run around the block with it. Ten miles to a gallon of gas- and it drinks oil like a baby does milk- always hollering for more. 

          Even tho we can't spend our eighth and ninth anniversaries together we'll see each other three times in between. 

                             Eight months and still in love.




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