The Letters- February 13, 1927 from Jean to Bob & February 14 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- February 13, 1927 from Jean to Bob & February 14 from Bob to Jean

"Dearest Bob:

               Your two lovely letters came Saturday noon. 

               I can hardly wait to hear the joke- don't you think you had better write it?

               We had an A+ spread to-night. Cel came, and it was wonderful to have Margaret _ with us again. She is coming back for our formal too. 

              The Greek Letter Follies were quite a success. Our stunt went over pretty good- but, sorry to say, we didn't get a prize. Chi Delta got first prize and their stunt was truly clever- Tri Delt second, and Phi K T's got the booby prize. Mr. Ray, one of the judges, thought we should have had second- but evidently Hichox didn't think so. 

              That wasn't such a slam, Bobby dear. 

              My cold is heaps better- Cel had one too- I think we must have taken cold at Jerry's but the good time made up for it. 

             I am glad you, at least, heard from your folks and that they are well. 

             No doubt you enjoyed your visit with Bill- is he still in Waterloo?

             I think it is wonderful that you will have a vacation this summer. How long will you leave? When would you like best to take it?

             Did I tell you that Mary H and Fred are going steady. I think they are quite suited, don't you? I have some more dirt. Paul M is dating Miss V- can you imagine it? She told him she would like to ask him in but she didn't think Miss T would approve. That spoils our plans for Van Orsdel and Bidwell doesn't it?

            The XA='s made Duke walk to frontier park last night and that was only part of his walk- pretty hard. He was able to sing in the choir though. 

                                                 Good- night, dear. 

                                                               Your Sweetheart, 



           Went out to the A.D.A house for dinner today. Met a bunch of the fellows I knew and a bunch more that I didn't. I certainly like the bunch up here- you will when you meet some of them. 

          The big dance will start between seven and seven-thirty- they have to hold them early on account of the necessity of returning to Cedar Falls by eleven. 

          Just when do you plan to arrive. And when must you go back. I wish you didn't have to leave- ever. I wish we could always be together. Can't we? Sometime? 

          My worries about my friend? Bill are over. He has been transferred to Omaha- leaves Waterloo in the morning. He has tried to be awfully nice to me- I appreciate that. But there are some things about him I can't stand- things no one could- so it will be a relief. 

         Tomorrow is lover's day. Say that you thought of me a little. For Jean, I love you- love you so much If you've ever been in love you know how I feel- if you haven't, I can't explain it. If I could be with you tomorrow and hear you say just those three words, I'd be the happiest fellow in the world. 

                               With worlds of love


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