The Letters- February 17 1927, from Bob to Jean

The Letters- February 17 1927, from Bob to Jean

"Dear Jean:

                 I'm truly glad you enjoyed our unexpected visit- may we have more of them. I've already spoken for the Friday afternoon of our formal- and I am to make it up Saturday afternoon which we normally have off. 

                  There is a Rock Island which leaves here at 11:00 PM and arrives in Cedar Rapids at 12:40 AM The last inter-urban leaves at about nine. I'm so glad you're really and truly coming- I hope you will find the dance worth coming for. They usually have awfully peppy affairs. 

                   This afternoon Mr. Ellis and I drove out to the hospital to visit two girls from the office. We had a very pleasant "organ" recital- discussing operations in general and theirs in particular. Don't you love them? 

                    The Alpha Ray that carried the news of my transfer to Waterloo was mailed to me at Des Moines. Similarly the one that told of my move to Des Moines was mailed to Colfax. I'll have to swat a prep or too(sic) for general dumbness. 

                    Two of my wisdom teeth are bothering at the same time. Can you imagine it. They're not bad but they are irritating. My tongue grows tired from travelling from one to the other. 

                    In some ways Mr. Ellis is awfully slow. It takes him the longest time to get the straight of anything. Once he gets it through his head he knows what to do but he'll puzzle and argue for then minutes before he sees what it's all about. It amuses me but Miss Seliger nearly blows up. I get the biggest kick out of hearing them argue.

                   I can't imagine Bill stepping out on Lois. It isn't like him. He never used to think of such a thing. Oh no, not William. Lois was at the party. She is health instructress at Cedar Rapids and the party was given for the health girls. 

                   Mr. E admitted this afternoon that unless plans were changed I was to go to Dubuque. They never tell the person in advance. Mr. D is going to be here next Wednesday. I hope they don't get notion to take me to D. then. 

                    Good night, sweetheart. Your Bob loves you always. 

                                                              Sincerely & adoringly, 


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