The Letters- February 20 & 21, 1927 from Jean to Bob & Bob to Jean

The Letters- February 20 & 21, 1927 from Jean to Bob & Bob to Jean

Feb 20

"Dearest Bobby dear:

               I did have such a wonderful time last night with you. I enjoyed my copy of "Life" very much- in fact I read it from cover to cover. Do you know I actually went to sleep because the conductor shook me and said Cedar Rapids. I was so surprised as I never sleep when I am alone. Daddy was at the depot to meet me so I reached home O.K.

             I hope, dear, you are entirely over your headache. 

             I even went to church this morning- did you?

             Mother and I just came back from a little drive- isn't this the nicest spring day. I just couldn't think of being shut in at Vespers listening to Dr. Morris-  do you blame me?

             I suppose you worked this afternoon- or did the weather make you change your mind?

            I enjoyed every second of it, dear, and I am not the least but tired to-day. 

                                                    Bye, Bobby.


Feb 21

"My Dear:

           Your sweet letter was waiting when I came home tonight. I put in an awful day at the office- worked my fool head off. Five o'clock came long before I was through but I left. One must put something away for the morrow. 

           Mr. D was expected today but no one saw him. I have an idea he and Mr. B are travelling around the district.

            I did change my mind about working yesterday and took a long walk instead. 

             You might be interested in knowing that since you were here I have cut down my coffee consumption to one meal a day. Not that I believe it hurts me any but because I like to be reformed- by you.

             I am counting the hours till Friday. It won't be long now. Isn't it just wonderful that we can see each other so often?? Here's hoping the possibility will last. 

           I think I'll experiment with 12 hours sleep again tonight. Ever try it? 

                                         I love you, Jean-




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