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The Letters- February 27 from Bob to Jean and Jean to Bob

Bob to Jean- from Waterloo, IA

"Dearest Jean:

              I felt fine yesterday but certainly am a wreck today. The most terrific headache and no more pep than a cat. And it's a lucky thing I hadn't planned to stay over. That darned barber shaved me too close and my face is all blistered. You should see me- or rather you shouldn't. 

              My train was late- didn't get out of CR till nearly two. But yesterday I was as peppy as could be- worked all day. No sign of the big bosses so I guess I'm here for at least another week. 

             Did you truly enjoy the dance? I certainly did. I love formals anyway. 

             And you looked so marvelous, sweetheart. There wasn't another girl there that could compare with you. I was so proud of you- so in love with you. 

              Wonder how Herschel came out with his sermon this morning. Truly, I'd have given a lot to have heard him. Can you imagine him preaching? If you knew him as well as I do you'd think it impossible. 

              Just a month ago today- according to my diary- I was rushing madly around Des Moines getting ready to come over. And I was thrilled to death at all the prospect of being so near you. And do you realize that since I've been here I've been in Cedar Rapids four times and you've been here once. And that's more than in all the first four months I was away. It seems so impossibly wonderful. 

            Why can't the Coe Cornell game be Saturday night? That would be so nice- to celebrate the anniversary of my meeting you at another Coe-Cornell game dance. But we can't have everything and we've been darned lucky lately anyway. 

           I made a discovery Friday night. Your living room light throws a wonderful silhouette of anyone on the davenport against the curtain. Laugh that off!!!! When I think how many times you've carefully pulled those shades-------???

           Jean, sweet, everytime I'm with you I find something more to admire and love. I've fallen completely- won't you lift me up? 



Jean to Bob, from Cedar Rapids

"Dearest Bobby-dear:

              It was all so wonderful- I enjoyed every minute of your formal. You did look so wonderful in your tux, dear- and I am just crazy about my shawl. 

             Were you just awfully tired Saturday? I didn't get up until noon but that wasn't because I was tired- I just wanted to sleep. 

            Yesterday afternoon I went to the bridge party and really had a good time. They gave a prize at each table. My score was 1290 and the other lady had 1400 wasn't that tragic?

           The basketball game was truly thrilling. In the last three minutes we were 39 and Carleton 38- they had a free throw but failed- I actually held my breath for fear we would lose in that last minute. Our boys played a splendid game. 

          Walking along fifth street to-day I saw this sign on a house- "For Rent- Light House Keeping Rooms" what's wrong in this picture? 

          I suppose you went to church this AM. I did and enjoyed the sermon very much. Dr. Little elaborated on Mr. Duran's talk of Friday morning. 

          This afternoon Marguerite Risser and I went to the Art Exhibit. Mr. Cane gave an interesting gallery talk. It was a wonderful collection, although I found no picture that appealed to me as much as Jonas Lie's did. 

           This morning when Dr. Little prayed I couldn't help but think of Herschel. I am dying to hear what he has to say about his "day in the church".

          We had a lovely time at Jerry's this evening. You know we (A=A's) had a tea there. Ethel was there, she says they are to sail in August. She and Harold have cut down their correspondence to three letters a week. Wonder if that means anything? 

          I have a little joke on us- and I won't forget this time. 

          I I haven't my French- as yet- I'd like a vacation- but suppose I'll have to wait until spring. 

           Well, good night, Bobby- and Friday night was perfectly lovely. 

                                        Your Sweetheart,


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