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The Letters- February 28, from Bob to Jean


              What is the joke on us? I wonder if its the same one I know. Sorry I can't tell mine but I had to promise on my word of honor never to tell a soul- not even you. Not that I'd ever consider telling anyone but you. It is a joke, I suppose, but I rather liked it. 

              Imagine it. Mr. Ellis and I are going down at ten and work. till the "wee sma' hours o' the mornin'."

              But I do have a joke I can tell. Yesterday I was taking my light suit out of my trunk when I found a picture of Leila. I laid it out on the floor with some other things so I could get at my clothes when Mr. McBroom came in. Here's the conversation;

            "Have many lady friends have you?"

            "One at a time"

            "And this (indicating Leila) is the old one?"

            "More or less old, yes- in more ways than one."

             "Well, its a shame you had to leave Cedar Rapids- for going with you seems to agree with 'em". 

            (Leila's picture was taken after she had gained her superfluous adverdupois)

            It made me feel peeved at first- and then it tickled me. After all the joke is on Miss Dodd. How she would rave! She hates to be called fat but she loves her tummy too much to be anything else. 

           I'm going to see Rudy Valentino in t he Four Horsemen of the (you spell it) tonight. I saw it years ago but would like to see it again. 

           I'm so glad you enjoyed our formal. Because if you didn't it would take all the joy out of it for me. And I really think I'm going to be in Waterloo all week so we can count on Saturday and Sunday again. 

           Jerry invited me to your formal- said she just couldn't imagine who else she could take. I told her I was sorry but I had an engagement for that evening. She forgot her kidding in her surprise. "Already!!!" Gee, she's rushing the season!! Do you remember when you first mentioned it? No, I didn't tell her. 

           Pity poor Bobby tomorrow. He'll need all he can get.

                         Bye bye dearest- I love you--

                                                       Always n' always


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