The Letters- February 3 and 7, 1927 both from Jean to Bob

The Letters- February 3 and 7, 1927 both from Jean to Bob

Feb 3

"Dearest Bob:

               Enjoyed your letter very much- it came this morning. 

               You poor dear- I think they are asking too much of you or did you know there would be some night work too? 

                 Haven't these last two days made you just want to sit around and talk on the chapel steps? They have me- but I have had classes all day.

                 I have the most work to do- last night I was quite tired so I went to bed at nine- wonderful!!

                 Did I tell you that Phil invited me down to a dance Friday night? I think it will be heaps of fun. 

                 We have the most wonderful new prof, Helen Sutton, perhaps you don't know her- but she is very nice. Her home is in Chicago 

                 What I had to tell you is that we are invited to Jerry's for supper Sunday night- isn't that nice? Aren't we popular, Bobby?

                  I'll answer you questions sometime Saturday night, how's that Bobby dear? 


                                                       Your Sweetheart,


Feb 7

"Dearest Bob:

                  It was such a wonderful week-end, dear. I enjoyed every minute of it- and it is good to know you aren't so far away.

                   I hope you weren't too sleepy to-day. I fixed myself with Miss Lambert to-day as she caught me snoozing- my only excuse was that it was quite warm in the room. 

                  Our new chapel seats are great. Ward sits just in front of me. We were talking and I remarked that my throat was sore, and so was his. Then I saw Jerry and Cel later and they are suffering too! I can't imagine what caused all of is to have it- good joke!

                   Everything went fine to-day. It was terribly cold- I am still shivering. 

                   W. Towner has the prize seat in chapel- Mary Toaf sits by him and she didn't miss talking the whole period. 

                   Lucile Clark sits back of me and I had to strain my ears to hear Dr. Byraut. 

                  We are going to The Majestic to-night and that means I must try to improve my appearance within the next ten minutes. 

                 Be a good boy and don't work too hard, dear.

                                                  Your Sweetheart,


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