The Letters- February 9 and 10, both from Bob to Jean

The Letters- February 9 and 10, both from Bob to Jean

Feb 9

"Dearest Bobby:

                Your so sweet letter came to-day and I was glad to hear from you- the first since Sunday night.

                I am all but dead with a cold- and I have so much to do- it makes me feel even worse to think about it.

                 I didn't suppose Eddie and LaVerne would break quite so soon- however it is best as she would and did lead him a dog's life.

                I hope, by now, you have regained all your lost sleep. I have- I even got up early this morning to study. Actually won praise from Mr. Cane this morning. 

                I asked Cel to our formal to-day- I do hope she can come- she was very pleased, she'll come if she can afford it, I feel sure.

                Chapel is very interesting this week. We have Dr. Davis here from Chicago, no doubt, you remember him as he was here last year. His talk yesterday caused quite a sensation. He remarked that if we thought we were going to be educated at college we were mistaken-that only 1/20 of our education was received at college- and that the world no longer took off it's hat to the college graduate. Gage could have murdered him. To a certain extent I think he is quite right- Dr. Davis I mean- not Gage.

                Mother has consented to the 19th. I told her what you said about taking good care of me and she said that was awfully sweet of you, and that she felt confident you would. I, myself, think it will be heavenly.

                I have to get dressed for our church supper to-night, even if I don't feel like going.

                Out of my love for humanity I gave up swimming to-day due to this cold. 

                I am glad, dear, that you enjoyed the weekend too.

                                                   Bye-bye, Bobby-

                                                                  Your sweetheart,



Feb 10

"Dear Bob:

             Those psych experiments are terrible. I just finished to-morrow's- and I am glad it's over.

             Not much doing around here. I have been miserable all day with this cold. 

              You are lucky to have Bill's car and radio. Is he letting you drive the car while he is away? He isn't any good if he doesn't.

            I suppose you are still working hard??

            You asked when I got your letters- not until the next day. So, you see the letter you wrote Tuesday came to-day- same as Colfax!

              You'll be reading this on our eight anniversary, Bobby. And did you know that out of those eight we have had only three together?

                                             Good-night, dear

                                                                  Your sweetheart,


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