The Letters- January 23 & 24, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- January 23 & 24, 1927 from Bob to Jean

January 23


             I gave up all my plans for today to attend a rehearsal- and then we didn't have it. 

             Truly I enjoyed my visit with Miss P. She had not been canned, but is going home to keep house for her father. She dreads it- she always prized her freedom. She has not changed and we enjoyed talking over old times. 

             I found out my dance date's last name. It is S____. Now I must return her accessories. 

            The Coe/Cornell score was tragic. Remember the game at Mt. Vernon last year-and what happened afterwards. I'll never forget it. 

            Are finals all over? And did you do yourself justice? I am sure you did well, in spite of all your worries. 

            Why doesn't H____ write. He says he's anxious to see me, he might at least write. Are he and C__ dating as much as usual? And are W__ & J___?

            We finished school yesterday. Next week we are to do work in the central office- tests and routine work etc. It does't sound very interesting but maybe it will be. 

             About seventeen different guys around here want to get me dates with as many different girls- each one the keenest girl in Des Moines and I've invented seven times seventeen excuses and am searching for more. Can you help me. The last one so far is the truthful one- I can't afford it. 

           Communion at church this A.M. I didn't go up as I'd had a big breakfast. 

           Am anxiously looking forward to your next letter, 



January 24


            It's no use worrying. My cursed luck has decided for us. My pin-head brothers have decided to have the formal the 25th- Friday- because the Chi O dance is the 26th. Somebody is ambitious. I never heard of one of them going with a Chi O- did you? I wrote H____ my opinion of the matter- which will accomplish nothing but relieve my feelings. 

            This is the second AOA dance I've asked you to, and then couldn't take you. And it's getting to be- I won't say the word- disgusting. Smith and I both offered to pay a full share if they would hold it on a Saturday night yet hard up as they are they'll have it on a Friday and count the mailbox for a Chi O bid. I hope they eat hash at home Saturday night. 

             Really I'm so mad I could chew somebody. Armstrong wrote me today- denied my ever signing a note- and threatened to take legal steps to collect. Let 'em!!!! And then this dance deal- oh I'm in a sweet mood. 

             I'm never ever going to count on anything again- never. And once I've given my fraternity their cup which I promised them in a moment of weakness- I'm through doing anything for them- with the exception of W and H who are more than fraternity brothers anyway. 

             I'll probably be in the 5th & 6th. Mind you I say probably - I wouldn't say anything for sure. And for Heaven's sake don't tell anyone or they'll think up some clever idea to prevent. 

             I hate everybody tonight- except mother and dad, and 

                                                       I love you.


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