The Letters- January 26, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- January 26, 1927 from Bob to Jean

"Oh Jean:

        I've bewailed my luck for three days- I've been in the very depths of the blues- it's been terrible. I've asked in my prayers for just one lucky turn- and I've got it. 

        The most wonderful thing in the world has happened- almost. Can you guess what it is. Tonight I am in love with the world- sittin' on top. 

         Consider yourself dated up for the ADA formal- be it any night in the week from Sunday on. That's just part of my good fortune. No I'm not going to tell you now- guess awhile. 

         Honestly I am as tickled- more so- than when I got my job It's just too good to be true. It means so much to me- to us. 

         No it isn't a raise. Better than that. 

         Our play is going to be wretched- but I don't care. I'll do my part as well as I can and let it go at that. 

         Sure I am coming immediately after the first- the fifth and sixth- to be exact. Also March 5- so write off those dates in your engagement book. That's some more of my luck. 

        That is, I'm coming if I don't go completely nutty in the meantime. 

         So you really want to know what its all about? No, I don't believe you are sufficiently curious. 

         Dear, less than two weeks- and it's for sure- if you want me. Really for sure- no "ifs" about it. Haven't you guessed yet?

         Poor Gray. They told him at quitting time tonight to report to operator school in the morning. He handed us the razz and now he's getting it back. 

        Have been listening in on the operators today. It's lots of fun and one learns lots of the work. 

        Sweetheart, all this good fortune I've raved about- is good because of you. If it weren't for you it wouldn't mean a thing. But I love you- hence it means a lot. 

        Want to know? Then get a mirror. 

        I ma gniog ot oolretaW ot krow yadrutaS - dna I lliw eb ni ?? ?? ?? yltnenamrep!

         With ALL my love,        


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