The Letters- January 10 & 11, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- January 10 & 11, 1927 from Bob to Jean

January 9 (from Des Moines, IA)


            I'm afraid you won't get this till Tuesday- for its late. I've been away all day- on a hike with a fellow from the office and some friends of his.

            But you will get it on our anniversary- our seventh. And, dear, on our seventh anniversary I love you just seven times as much- if such were possible- as I did on our first. You are the dearest, sweetest, most adorable girl in the world, dear, and I count myself very lucky that after seven months you give me any consideration at all. Surely I was born under a lucky star. 

           School tomorrow. I know I'm going to enjoy it, tho it will probably be most exciting. 

           I weighed the other day. Somewhere between the first of December and now, I have lost fifteen pounds. I weigh just 148- only 8 more than you did Sunday. Six years ago I weighed around 155. Really, it worries me. 

           It was so terribly cold today that I suppose my cold will be greatly improved. I would have enjoyed nothing more than to have sat comfortably at home and read. But I had promised. 

           H_____'s letter came- or did I mention it. I wish I could tell you all that was in it. He certainly was in a blue mood. 

           I was terribly blue last night- and have not entirely recovered. I've had so much to worry me lately- and have felt so very wretched. 

           On our seventh anniversary, sweetheart, I send you renewal of all my love and adoration.  



(here, a photo of Bob's friend H!)


January 11 (from Des Moines, IA)

"Dear Jean:

           Truly I wanted to- and planned to call you today- but I did not have a single moment when I would be sure to get you. I did not have time even to eat a bote till a late supper hour. 

            This noon I had a dozen things to do- the least important of which was to eat- and the first eleven were all I had time for. And after school I went over to the office and got hung up there- talking to my various bosses- truly this has been an awful day. 

            And to top it all I've been wretchedly ill all day. If I don't feel better soon I'm going to enter a sanitarium or something. Am going to bed as soon as I get this in the mail. 

            But I have thought of you all day- wondering what you were doing- and if you gave a thought to this our anniversary. Bet you had forgotten it. 

            School has been most interesting. Put in an hour on the board this afternoon only got one wrong number. Pretty good if I do say it. There is a great deal more to this operating business than one would think for. But it's great fun and I am getting a lot out of it. 

            Good night, dear, your Bob is going to try to sleep off his infirmities. Do you wish him luck? 

                          With love



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