The Letters- March 11, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- March 11, 1927 from Bob to Jean


                 I'm so glad I called before I read your letter- you never would have believed I thought of it all by myself. You wouldn't admit it anyway, although you knew all along I couldn't possibly forget. 

                 You did have a close call didn't you. May I add my inquiry to Lil's- when do your most worthy sisters get their five pounds? 

                 Isn't this a beautiful rain- to stay out of. It reminds me of nine months ago to-night- although the lightning is lacking. Somehow I've all the respect in the world for lightning since that night. Guess why.

                 I got beautifully soaked coming home. Wish I didn't have to go out again. 

                You sounded so sweet and natural, dear- I just wanted to reach out and grab you. 

               You need have no fear but that my folks will like you. I know what they like and don't- and I'm not guessing when I say they'll love you, darling. 

                One of the operators fainted and I helped carry her upstairs. She certainly was heavy- and being a man I had to carry the heavy end. I'm weak yet. 

                 March 11- nine whole months, dear. Have you truly enjoyed them? Do you know that from the time I first met you till I had my first date we had 7 dances, besides two picnics, and 6 double dates. And since June 11 we've had 57 dates to 23 dances. 

               Dear, we had one glorious summer and I know we're going to have many more. Thank you for the extra happiness you wished me, sweetheart, but you filled my cup so full on March 5 that it won't hole one drop more. 

               Only two more weeks dear- only one week-end after this till we'll have a few more golden hours together.

               Nine whole months, dearest, 273 days that I've thought of you hourly- loved you devotedly and hoped desperately. True, I loved you before, but not as I have since that first night when I fully realized how sweet and wonderful you are. 

              What can I do, what can I say, to make you realize how much I love you, dear?

               I do, dear,


 P.S. Did I tell you that I forgot my silver three times straight at Bishop's? Guess what I was thinking of."

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