The Letters- March 13, 1927 from Bob to Jean (#7 After Engagement!)

The Letters- March 13, 1927 from Bob to Jean (#7 After Engagement!)

"Jean, sweetheart:

             I feel wretched- worse than since I can remember. Friday night the girls from the office had a basketball game at the Y.W. and Mr. Ellis and I went over to watch. The ball was soft and I undertook to blow it up. I blew till my head swam and I could hardly see. And on top of it they asked me to referee. I did and the gym was so close and warm that I got all wobbly.

            Yesterday I had to drag myself down to work- my head was splitting and a quick movement made me dizzy. I felt better after lunch and came home to read- it was raining. I read "The Prisoner of Zenda" and "Rupert of Heutzau" and "The Little Minister" from cover to cover. 

           This morning I have a dull headache and am as weak as a cat. I'm just out of bed- so I am going to church and let the office go until afternoon. I must go down though as Mr. Ellis and left me an awful mess to do. He let me off yesterday afternoon because I feel so wretched so I can't fail to have everything done when he gets back. 

          Truly I was surprised at Morris Ford. Who was the girl, Esther, you referred to? And what is the scandal about Mr. Ray? Tell me, dear. 

           Last year a fellow was caught stealing and the fellows took proof of it to Dean Kremers who promised to expel him. But he stayed in school till June. Perhaps though since this got into the papers, and so many know of it, Morris will go.

          "Will you always?" Jean, dearest, do you still have to ask that? Is it because you are not sure, or because you like to have me tell you that it is? Surely, dear, you have no begun to doubt- so soon? Darling, it is for always- till the end of the earth- and long after, if I know anything of eternal life. It hurts so, Jean, the thought that you still are doubtful. How can I prove to you that I love you- and will love you forever? I've tried so hard- for so long- to make you believe- and I thought for a while last weekend that you did. Oh, you do believe, Jean, dear- don't you? Faith, hope, and love. One never finds love without first finding and clinging to the other two, darling. 

          I just heard a robin!! I can't see it from my window but I can hear it. Spring has indeed come. 

           By this time you know what your brother thinks. I am more than anxious to know. 

            I must get ready for church. But first I'm going down and call you. 

                                                          I love you dear, Jean"

LATER in same envelope-


          Just to hear your voice helped me so much. I don't think I realized just how tough I felt till I started down the stairs- but I came up two at a time. The rest of the day will be so much easier,  sweetheart, since I've talked to you. 

           Truly, dear, I do love you. Won't you always believe it- and darling, won't you say what I've been waiting to hear, won't you say it, sweetheart, sometime soon?

           I'm going to get a whiff of fresh air before I go to church. I'll run downtown to mail this. 

                                                    Truly- always,




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