dubuque iowa postcard main street early 1900s

The Letters- March 2, 1927 from Bob to Jean


           I've news! Mr. Bowlsby remarked to Mr. Anderson at conference we had today that he was going to Dubuque the first of next week to take me up. And I'm to see him in the morning at nine. And I've an idea he will want me to go to Dubuque Saturday to get settled before he comes and we plunge into the work. Of course I'm only surmising but that seems to be the plausible thing for him to do. 

           If it's humanly possible I'll get to C.R. from Dubuque, if I am there. If I'm here, of course it will be easy. But I have a hunch- and you know I am a great believer in hunches- that somehow or other will have our date. 

           If something does come up I'll call you the moment I know of it. 

           This week-end will probably be all we'll h ave til your formal. I'll be in up to my ears for a while- the work will be new- the people will be new and I'll have to start immediately on some things. Mr. Bowlsby has never been postponing until he could put a man in the office. 

          Really this job is my first opportunity to show what I can do and I'm more than anxious to make good at it. It will mean so much and I'll have to make up in hard work what I lack in knowledge and experience. 

        At your command I ate two good meals today. We were in conference all day so the boss took us to lunch and tonight I was invited to Ellis's to dinner. I made the most of them- hard telling when I'll get another. 

         My joke? You commended me not later than Friday night for keeping promises. And I promised to keep it a dark secret. Perhaps the one who told me will let me tell- but I doubt it. I'll try, though, since you asked for it. 

        Truly I am thrilled at the idea of going to Dubuque. I've been sure for so long that I was going there that I didn't imagine there'd be any kick left. But there it is. 

          Won't you wish me. the best of luck, sweetheart? I'll need it and knowing that you are cheering for me will be a big help. 

           My biggest interest in my work is due to the prospects it has for attaining happiness some day. And you know what my happiness means for I have told you----

                                                     I love you


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