The Letters- March 21, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- March 21, 1927 from Bob to Jean


                Your letter was so short, but I appreciated getting any when you were so tired. I notice that your letter mailed Sunday night did not get here till afternoon so evidently there is no Sunday night train. But if I get to C.R. I'll have to get back- so that's that.

                We have, as near as I can see, the same mail service, as far as my letters are concerned, that we did in Colfax. But it might be worse. 

               I've put in a busy day. And the prospects are that tomorrow will be rushed. 

               I'd like to have the money we had to turn down in long distance calls today. We cannot get Chicago or Davenport or Clinton, hence all our calls east had to be refused. And people are so impatient- don't seem to realize that it is possible for lines to be down. 

               I'll be your diary is interesting. I'll trade you a peek at it for a peek at mine sometime. Willya huh?

              Herschel wants to know how much longer he is to keep the secret. What I'm wondering is how you get away without anyone suspecting. You're good.

              Have I missed you? Jean, honey, you can't guess how much.  Once I've been back from here, maybe it won't be so bad- but it seems like you're millions of miles away. Miss you!! Gosh!! Honey child, do you realize we haven't been together since it all happened. And it did happen, didn't it?? But it won't be long now- will you be glad to see me? I don't care- that's just as sensible a question as you're asking if I missed you. We both of us ask questions just cause we like to be assured. I do miss you terribly, Jean darling, you know that- for I love you with all my heart. I wish you could be as sure that it is for always as I am. Because it is dearest, truly it is forever and ever. Don't ask me how I know- I just know- and believe me I know. 

             What do your daddy and mother have to say now that they're over the shock? Mine are still tickled and wishing us all the happiness in the world. 

             Jean, I'd be quite content with my new position if it were only as convenient to C.R. as Waterloo. I had counted on coming so often but with connections as they are I simply can't come too often- not right at first anyway. This summer it will be easier, I hope- I'll buy a bycicle (new spelling) if I have to.

                                               With worlds of love



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