The Letters- March 28, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- March 28, 1927 from Bob to Jean

"Little Sweetheart:

           This letter won't be a good test of our mail service as I am writing it at the office- a much to be discouraged practice- but I just don't feel equal to climbing hill more than once. 

            I've had no time to be sleepy today. The chief operator is away visiting a tributary office and I've had everything to do. We have two classes starting today- one local and one toll. And we had to let a supervisor go out to assist a private branch exchange operator get started- and the auditors took one of our operators to assist in checking the records. Then a bunch of reports came back from Des M. to be done over- Des M's fault- not ours- and I had to help get the clerks straightened out on them. And then a case of trouble developed on the monitoring board- oh, it's been a busy day.

            Tonight I'm going to sleep- oh how hard. I didn't much more than close on eye all night. 

            Really, dear, I had a wonderful time at your formal- but for the fear that you were not enjoying it. I truly hope you did. 

             Did you go to bed? Really, Jean, you must get to feeling better soon!!! It was a lovely visit, dear- made life worthwhile once more. 

              I must to work again.

                                                                Your lover,


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