The Letters- May 1, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- May 1, 1927 from Bob to Jean


        I found your "Special" tucked under my door this morning when I got up. It was so wonderfully dear. However, I more than half expected it- I didn't know why. 

       Some things are beyond human endurance. Working Saturday night was one of them. I did work all afternoon, though. I'm absolutely lifeless today, but I'm going to take a hike this afternoon- don't you want to come along? 

        The Prom was a beautiful dance, wasn't it? I enjoyed it ever so much- much more than the one last year- there is such a difference in Jean. Every minute I had in C.R. was glorious- because I had them all with you. 

         Three. good shows in town this week. I don't know whats going to happen. Usually they are all rotten. I'm going to listen in on the W.E.A.F. concert tonight- though- eight famous artists in one program- the last of the series. 

         I am reading "Revelry" the most discussed book of the year. It is an expose of the inside of the Harding administration. Quite fearless, and consequently interesting. I've been trying for weeks to get it. 

        One of the fellows at the house- I can't remember who- remarked while I was being paddled, "Well, I guess Ward is next". So you can see the sentiment of A.D.A. I hope he is. They tell me Parks is engaged. At last he is successful. 

        Your daddy told me about how he "met" Mr. Bowlsby. Wait till I tell hm what an impression he made etc. I'll learn him to lie to me. 

          It's time Bobby was dashing to the hash emporium. I have rheumatism in my right shoulder so I probably won't get much. 

          And, of yes, my letter was post marked 1 P.M. because I mailed it Friday morning on my way to the office. 

         May is the month of Queens, dear. And my prom queen will remain queen of my heart from May till December- till the end of time. 

                                                        With all my love, 


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