The Letters- May 4, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- May 4, 1927 from Bob to Jean


             Here's hoping you attach a special significance to the day of the month on which you are reading this. Something quite important happened on the fifth a couple of months ago. Have you ever regretted it dear? I never have- not for a single second. 

              "Do you ever think of me on your busy day?" Truly a question to be proud of. I think of you so much it's a wonder I get anything done. Outside of calling the Chief Operator Jean I've managed, however, to give a good imitation of a man with his mind on his work. 

            What have you heard from Phil? Your mention of him makes me wonder. True, Campus opinion did have you almost engaged. Sometime I'll tell you what A.D.A. thought about it. Well, he can't say he didn't have a chance. I put in three long months waiting for him to go. 

              Another busy day, thank heaven. I hate to have to kill time, so I'm perfectly happy when I have work enough to keep me busy. And wait till Miss K. leaves. Many things which would ordinarily be my work, but which she has been doing in the absence of a traffic chief will gall onto me when she goes. I really haven't done much so far but gather up the loose ends. 

            I saw Don Juan- with John Barrymore, last night. It was splendid. My movie going is done for the month. 

             Sweetheart, in two months, I have come to fully realize what a wonderful thing has happened to me. And with the realization has come the most sublime happiness. You have become my ambition, my hope, my idol- my very life. I only hope that I have come to mean something to you- to fill a place in your life. That I may help you to happiness is my constant prayer.  Need I add- 

                                                          I love you-


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