The Letters- November 1, 1926 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- November 1, 1926 from Bob to Jean

"My own dear,

                Your so sweet letter did come today and I am staying home from the dance to answer it. I had a last minute temptation to go- I felt like dancing- but with you. 

                 B____ and H___? You asked me to be perfectly honest- I am going to be. It should have happened long ago. Why? Because B__ never truly cared enough for H___ to marry her. H___ was terribly popular and B___ enjoyed basking in the limelight. But when she was gone and others took her place he proved just how much he cared about her. It wasn't so much the fact that he dated- that was all right- but the girls he dated with. He has the idea that so many have that life is not complete until a crop of wild oats had been sown. And to B___ wild oats meant loose women. I know what I'm talking about, as do some others. I don't know what the reason for the break was but I rejoice for H_____. I doubt if she knew some things- if she had, it would have been broken long ago. B___ has a pleasing personality but he doesn't wear it well. I don't know of a fellow at the house who has known him for long who would want him as a friend- who would have much to do with him were he not a brother. H___ may be an exception but even H___ detests some of the things he does. I have nothing personal against B____ - we've always gotten along well together but I know him too well to ever be able to sincerely call him a brother. H___ was too fine. You asked me my opinion, I've given it to you and I know you will keep my confidence. 

            M__ is a dandy fellow. I liked him ever so much and was pleased to learn that he liked me. Another secret- he had the highest score of any freshman in the intelligence test given. The fellows, some of them, were slow to take to him, but I fell for him at once- something as you did for Miss C____. 

             You sent a T.L. not long ago. I'll repay it. B___wrote (got his letter today). He mentioned J__ and J___ and said "By the way, they are two lovely girls, aren't they? And I admire your choice." Good, what??

            I've switched my diet from malted milks to soup on account of the weather. I'd hate to count the oysters and tomatoes I've consumed lately. I manage to get along fairly well. I don't get fat on it but I don't starve either. 

             Did I want you to miss me at the dance? Jean, dear, I'd have given up all hope if you hadn't. I want you to miss me always- so much that sometime you will decide not to miss me any more but to be with me always. Then- and and not until then- I'll not want you to miss me. 

              L____ think that I am engaged and are crazy to have me bring you out here for a week-end. They are dandy good scouts and have been wonderful to me. They inquire about you every time I get a letter. Mrs L____ remarked the other day "she must be awfully nice if just her letters can cheer you up so". 

              I've written so much and said so little, dear. Last year I would have laughed if anyone told me I'd go so long without dating. It isn't that I don't think its perfectly all right- just that I don't want to- your letters are my dates. How about one soon? 

             Sweetheart, I love you. I'd do anything to make you happy. Will you marry me? 

                                                         Your Bob"

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