The Letters- November 17, 1926 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- November 17, 1926 from Bob to Jean

"Dear Jean:

           Homecoming was a success I take it, in spite of the game which was truly tragic. 

          I have been working outside this week, repairing farm lines. This weather is truly lovely for the lineman. However I feel better when I'm working in the open and heaven knows my health this winter needs every aid and stimulus possible. 

         Don't you admire my neat handwriting? I've acquired the habit of writing on a magazine in my lap- my room is minus a writing table- and I haven't quite mastered the position. 

         My mother sent the most wonderful box of food. I've been quite independent of the cafe for two days. Gee, it's a wonderful sensation. 

         When will I go to Des Moines? You know as much about it as I do. When they sent me here they said two months which would be December first. But I've a hunch that Christmas will find me right here in Colfax.  Really I would just as soon stay here until I get my debt paid- I can live at less expense. 

         Twenty four more days until the eleventh. Just as many as there were before the twenty third when I came to Colfax. I wish it were to-morrow- do you? And isn't our sixth anniversary to be extra-special. Isn't it to be "sometime"? Please, dearest. 

                                  With all my love, 


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