The Letters- November 22, 1926 from Bob to Jean & 23rd from Jean to Bob

The Letters- November 22, 1926 from Bob to Jean & 23rd from Jean to Bob


"Honey girl:

             I waited and waited for you letter- I cannot say I waited patiently. I wondered if you were ill- if I had offended you- I imagined all sorts of things. Monday to Saturday is the longest I've had to wait yet. I'd have called you today if your letter had not come. 

              Did you know I had been elected national retary of Alpha Delta Alpha? I feel quite proud altho' I shall have to resign as I haven't the time to give to it. It came as a complete surprise to me and I wish I could take it. 

              Of course I've been outside during all this cold weather. Thursday we waded through drifts waist deep to set poles and string new wire. The wind was terrible. 

              I wish I might have come in for the A.D.A. dinner. But the first I heard of it was your letter. The fellows have not written at all lately. 

             You can't imagine how I dread the thought of spending Thanksgiving and Christmas in this town. But we have only one day at Thanksgiving and two at Christmas time so I'm doomed to solitary holidays this year. But New Year I plan- I hope- to be in Cedar Rapids. Will you save me a date if I can make it? 

             This afternoon I want up to T___ to play cards and this evening we went to the movie. You should see the theater in this town. The Grand is about its class- tho' I don't suppose you go there often. 

              Sweetheart- I always look at the closing of your letter to see that the word is still there- you don't know how much your letters mean to me. They represent everything in my life- they and memories- above the bread and butter existence which Colfax provides. 

              I have dared to plan my whole life on a foundation of dreams- hoping- trusting that you, who figure in all those dreams, will not shatter them and bring my world about my ears. I love you with my whole heart and the hope of your love is the greatest thing in the world to me. Aren't you going to tell me something soon something more definite than - "maybe"- "sometime"-.

                                                                 Yours completely




"Dearest Bob:

              Your lovely letter came this noon, dear, and I was so glad to hear from Bobby-boy. 

             Dearest, I think it is wonderful you have been elected national secretary, Why can't you accept? It would be something interesting to do in your spare time. I hope you'll think it over again. 

            I, too, wish you could have been here for the A.D.A. dinner. It was all very lovely. I saw your picture, the wall paper, and the davenport that you told me about. It was so nice to look around and think that you had lived within these walls. I was quite surprised to find the telephone- in so public a place- I had always imagined it in a little room by itself. 

         I have finished my dress and if it looks decent I'll wear it when you come home. 

        I wish you were going to be here Thanksgiving- and I'll think of you. 

        I think a date with you would be a lovely way to start the New Year- you won't have to work that day will you, dear, so that means you could leave there Friday night and be here all day Saturday. 

         We are going downtown for supper and mother is telling me to hurry. 

          It won't be long until the 11th, dear. 

                             So bye-bye

                                          Your sweetheart, 


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