The Letters- November 7, 1926 from Jean to Bob

The Letters- November 7, 1926 from Jean to Bob

"Dearest Bob,

               Your lovely letter was perfect, except that you hurt me and evidently I hurt you. I am sorry you think I don't really want you on the eleventh of June. The reason I hoped that it came on Saturday was that that would mean you could be here Sunday too. 

              I am sorry your manager's baby died. 

              Last night C__, H___, JP and I went to this show and then to the Mandarin. We had a nice time although, to me, the crowd seemed a little rough. Mostly people who had been down to the game. Iowa's team is certainly terrible. Coe did very well- if we can only do as well this Saturday. 

             To-night Mr M took me downtown to supper- C__ and H__ went with us. We went to C.E. and then went to Jerry's. W__ was there of course. We had lots of fun playing nose poker. 

            I have my studying to do sometime!??

                It is now 11:00, dear, and I am writing this so you won't be disappointed to-morrow. I am trying to take good care of your heart, dear, and I miss you. 

                                                                    Your sweetheart, 



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