The Letters- October 16 1926

The Letters- October 16 1926

"My dear:

              If I could just see you today, and take your hand in the same old way, and hear you talk, and see you smile, I'd think the day had been worthwhile, if I could just see you."

              Do you remember seeing that matte framed in our room the night we showed it to you? I love it- it is exactly the way I feel, dear. 

               I have some news, darling. I spoke to the manager about my coming to Cedar Rapids on the 23rd and he said he saw no reason in the world why I shouldn't. Isn't that grand??? And if I lied just a little bit to him it will be forgiven me, won't it? Everything fair in love, you know. 

               The fellow who rooms here and I stagged it to a dance at Newton last night. I had a fair time- got one or two pretty good dancers. 

               I tried closing my eyes and dreaming I was with you but none of them could dance well enough to make that possible. I did wish you were there. Several times I caught myself looking for you on the floor thinking we had traded a dance. 

              I expect to arrive in C.R. between 5:30 and 6:00 PM Saturday. I'll dine at the house- I really should put in an appearance there, you know, and I've other engagements for Saturday. 

             I am enclosing a copy of a letter I am thinking of sending to your dad. I imagine he'd get a big kick out of it- or rather I would. Perhaps you'd better not show it to him. 

             A I glad it's only eight more days? Need you ask? 192 hours and 22 minutes from now your dance is supposed to begin. Am I glad? Seeing you is the one thing I've looked forward to since I left you. I love you- dear- and I am glad. Oh, Jean, four months and a half- won't that be enough? 

                                                                      Yours always, 



THE LETTER "FOR" HER DAD!!   *swoon*


For those who don't read cursive...

"Dear Sir:

           I am writing to apply for a position as your son-in-law. I have known your daughter for nearly four years and have gone with her as steady as circumstances would permit for over four months. In fact, I have even manufactured circumstances when none were in sight. 

           I am a young man of sober habits, good disposition, average intelligence and good morals. By the time you are ready to fill this vacancy I am sure I will be earning enough to keep body and soul together. Add to these qualifications the fact that I love your daughter above all else in heaven or earth and have some little reason for believing that she cares a little at least for me. 

           Now, I realize that you will not care to fill this position for some time but whatever advantage there is in being among the first to apply I want. So please keep my application in mind, Mr. B_____, and (if) when you are ready to fill the vacancy I would appreciate your careful consideration of it. My life's happiness depends on your decision. I would be pleased to interview you personally lat any time- tho' I would much prefer an interview with your daughter.  I refer you to her with any questions you may care to ask. 

            Yours Sincerely, 

                                Robert J H_____

P.S. I love Jean. Please take that into consideration in making your decision. "

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