The Letters- October 21, 1926 Bob to Jean

The Letters- October 21, 1926 Bob to Jean

(I do seem to missing several of Jean's letters around this time- I can only surmise Bob wasn't always good about keeping them over the years)


            The most beautiful tenor voice is singing "Just a-Wearyin' For You" over the radio- (We worked in Prairie City again today- worked until nearly seven before starting home- and all day long I smiled to myself at the thought- "there'll surely be a letter from Jean waiting at home!" But there wasn't. 

            Jean, sweet, have you been ill? If so, I am terribly sorry. Truly!!

            You'll get this Saturday morning- on THE day. I hope nothing happens to rob it of one single drop of happiness for us. It is all day I have dreamed of and planned for for weeks- because it means you. 

             I'm getting tired of Colfax. I suppose any town is more of less what we make of it- but I haven't been able to make much of this one. Maybe its just cause I'm all tired and more than a little blue tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be brighter than today. 

            Just a few hours after you get this I'll see you. There IS a heaven. 

                                           With love



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