The Letters- October 27, 1926 Bob to Jean

The Letters- October 27, 1926 Bob to Jean

"Jean Child:

           Your letter was a beautiful climax to a wonderful week end. I enjoyed it so much- for your happiness made the trip a success for me. 

           I wish I were able to come this week but that is impossible. You will have a good time at our dance- won't you think of me a little while you're there?

           Dear, I am already looking forward to my next weekend with you. It looks as if there is no possibility of my coming before the 11th of December and I have wonderful hopes of that week end. It is the day after your birthday- your age was one excuse you gave me- nine months and one week since I first danced with you- remember our conversation that night- I resolved then I would know you better- and six whole months since I started going with you, and you only. Do you wonder I hope. 

           My folks both expressed the hope that I had had a really wonderful time in Cedar Rapids. Someday they will love you, too, Jean, for they love me and 

                                                               I love you


Bob and his parents


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